eBizAsset 7

A custom built, web-based management information system which streamlines the order and fulfilment process. Anywhere in the world, you can log on to eBiz to order, track the delivery status or access product information.

24/7 Access

eBiz's one-stop, secure information portal also increases speed to market via instantaneous 24/7 access to Tam Hangers data, the avoidance of time zone restrictions and improved supply-chain management.

Simplifying Retailer Operations

The easy-to-use interface offers real-time pricing, accounting and analysis. Plus, all transactions are paperless so its better for the environment.

  • Pricing with sliding scales
  • Credit controls by discrete order
  • Order analysis Region specific accounting
  • Stock management systems
  • Multiple currency order applications
  • Multilingual interface
  • E-Invoice, eco-friendly paperless transactions
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