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Working for Tam Hangers

Tam Hangers is dedicated to becoming the first choice global supplier to the retail and garment industry. Our team is vital to our success and growth within the industry, and we are always eager to hire more talented professionals to add to our growing team. We believe in finding the best person for each position whilst conducting our recruitment and selection fairly and in a transparent, effective and consistent manner.

We believe in a working culture where diversity is important and people are valued, respected and know that they matter. We treat all people equally when recruiting, training, promoting and in our day-to-day work. We recognise that people are different. This creates a culture that is fair and inclusive, harnesses the abilities of all our people and ensures advancement is based on ability and performance.

Opportunities and Training

At Tam Hangers we place great importance on the development and retention of all staff through work opportunities and training. We have also developed a range of employee recognition and retention initiatives and an excellent package of staff benefits.

We operate a comprehensive induction programme to ensure new staff become familiar with the organisation and feel at home as soon as they start working with us.

Continuous learning and development for all staff is vital in order to enable people to develop individual skills and realise their full potential. Our aim is to engage all staff with an exciting and challenging learning culture which encourages open and fair discussion and feedback in order for us to continuously develop and improve what we do as an organisation.

We believe that our approach to working practices lends to a working environment that is fair and inclusive as well as dynamic and exciting as we push forward towards our goals and continue to expand our position within the global marketplace.

Contact us at recruitment@tamhangers.com