The Tam Hangers Way

Our mission is to change the global retail industry for good, by offering garment hangers and packaging solutions that are better for business — and the environment.

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Constantly Innovating

Investing in new processes, trying different techniques, trialling advanced systems — we’re always looking for ways to make what we do even more effective.

Why? Because we believe in sustainability — which means offering a service that isn’t just cost-effective now, but in the future too.

More than a service provider

We’re more than a service provider, we’re a partner. And that’s why we do everything we can to give our clients a smooth experience.

Automated systems, great turn around times, dedicated contacts — we deliver a totally hassle free service, no matter the scale or location.

History of Tam Hangers

The foundation of our company was in 1972 by Engin TEZSEZER. He began his business in a small workshop, based on his professional experience and skills in injection mold manufacturing.

Through the period of 1980-1995 with the investment of the first injection moulding machine production started. On requests from our customers during this period, the manufacturing of plastic hangers began. With the growth of apparel production in Turkey in the 1980s, we made significant investments to meet growing needs. Tam Hangers moved to the new factory and the first steps were taken for industrialization. In 1995, with international agreements, we started to sell and export our products all over the world. Continuing with the large investments made over the years, we established new facilities and production lines were formed.

Today, Tam Hangers becomes truly global with our successful and brave acquisition of a great business in Braiform. We are now profoundly experienced in producing, re-using and selling hangers in the international market, and are expanding our market share rapidly by focusing on customer satisfaction as a top priority. We are operating in the largest hanger production facility in the EU region with Re-use and Recycling services in the UK to compliment, and complete the supply chain. We continuously develop our team through on-going education to improve our capabilities and talents. Through our strategic partners and our distribution networks, today, Tam Hangers is operating in and exporting hangers to more than 50 countries.


Gökhan Tezsezer Chairman
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Executive Team

Paul Williams Co-CEO
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Graeme Rutherford Co-CEO
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