The Tam Hangers Re-Use program saves
300 million
plastic hangers & accessories from landfill per year
reduction in hanger manufacturer pollution
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Manufacture and waste minimisation

Unlike other companies, instead of just making hangers, we re-use them, reducing the pollution generated from manufacturing by 70%. The hangers we provide are specially designed to go through the cycle many times and still appear in top condition in-store.


Although Tam Hangers strive to maximise the number of hangers re-used within our client programmes, there are always those that have come to the end of their usable life, either broken, dirty or obsolete. These hangers are not put back into the waste stream to end up in landfill — Tam Hangers recycle these and re-use the raw materials back in virgin production of new garment hangers.

Further sustainable practices

Waste Management

Waste Management Programs are extremely important at Tam Hangers and we aim to recycle 99.5% of all returns from store including any by-products of the Re-Use program.

Sustainable supply chains

In addition to sustainable product design we are extremely dedicated to ensuring our supply chain is both environmentally sustainable and ethically responsible. Tam Hangers now work alongside SEDEX (the supplier of ethical data exchange), a not for profit membership organisation dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains.

Environmental Awards

Certification from the Carbon Trust
Certification from the Carbon Trust