Using eBiz


eBiz is a user-friendly interface allowing customers to raise orders on line, bulk upload orders via spread sheets or via xml interface with customers own systems, covering any product from a hanger to hard tags, to packaging items.


  • Enables customers to raise orders on line – any time.
  • Bespoke on line ordering for variable data tickets and labels.
  • Provides customers ability to see order status and a single point of contact.
  • Validation of data (codes, pack quantity and references) at point of order creation.
  • Contract pricing feature to allow price per customer per product to be specified.
  • Common branding, style and experience to customers globally.
  • Automated informational emails to the customer as their orders are progressed.
  • Manuals showing products by programs.
  • Local language versions (planned enhancement for next year).


  • Customers raise their own orders directly on eBiz or by spreadsheet upload – making it easy to create bulk orders and for the Licensee to raise orders on behalf of the customer if received by telephone, fax or email.
  • Provides Production Partners with instant reporting and automatically produces sales and financial reports required for Braiform and Customers.
  • Orders on eBiz can automatically be transferred to the Production Partners.
  • Ability to despatch multiple orders at once.
  • Simple forecasting based on historical orders (planned enhancement for next year).

eBiz Security

  • Access to eBiz is protected by an encryption certificate.
  • The eBiz platform is hosted across two secure UK based data centres for high availability and disaster recovery.
  • eBiz is written, maintained and supported by our in-house development team based in London and Hong Kong.
  • We have full staging and development environments and changes are only released after full development and testing cycles.
  • eBiz is hosted in Microsoft’s secure cloud infrastructure – Azure.